Corporate Social Responsibility.


Being aware of his social responsibility Mr. Feroze has been pioneer to a number of social forums and charitable organizations such as the Rainbow Forum; PRAY Foundation, Aalim Education Trust, Life Line Micro Credit Foundation Trust and Danish Education Trust.


Mr. Feroze Abdulla one of the founding trustees of the “Rainbow Forum” is a socially conscious business man, who has made tremendous effort to cultivate peace and harmony between people of different communities. Mr. Feroze Abdulla, the originator of the Rainbow Forum has been closely working with the Bangalore police in order to maintain law and order in the city of Bangalore. The diligent, prudent and alert officials of the Bangalore police have been working rigorously in order to keep violence at bay. They have left no stone unturned in order to diffuse tension and hostility between diverse communities.

Building Bridges between communities is the motto of the Rainbow Forum, thereby focusing on issues like communal harmony and inter-faith dialogue. For years it has brought-Hindus, Muslims Sikhs, Christians and Jain communities on one platform to voice their concerns over communal violence and strife. Since its inception, the Rainbow Forum has been striving hard for the noble cause of secularism and unity by bring people of different faiths together.


PRAY Foundation Trust is a social humanitarian voluntary, secular, nonprofit, nongovernmental organization registered under the Societies Registration Act 1960 in July 1998.
PRAY was conceived as a desperate measure to help and assist the poorest of the poor human lives “irrespective of cast, creed and colour” under critical conditions and emergencies, who need immediate medical help and are suffering from dreaded diseases.

Tax exemption is available under section 80-G and under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act. We are registered as a nonprofit organization with the government of India and have the 80 G No. DIT (E) BLR/80g(R) 877/AAATP2809C/ITO (E)-2/VOL 2009-2010 and FCRI wherein you can avail a tax rebate.
PRAY foundation’s vision is to create a world in which poor people suffering from dreaded diseases need not feel helpless. This world is full of well meaning people who would certainly care to bring some sunshine in the autumn of their lives. In the past 12 years PRAY foundation has helped 8000 patients suffering from dreaded diseases like cancer , heart ailments, tuberculosis, kidney failure and those undergoing surgeries, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, blood transfusion – diabetic cases etc
In addition to surgeries the foundation also helps 300 patients with monthly medicines worth 3 lakh rupees towards heart ailments, diabetes, cancer etc. 300 patients suffering from renal problems are also given dialysis treatment every month.

The Aalim Education Trust provides financial assistance in educating, deserving candidates belonging to under privileged families, from primary to graduation level. Every year the Trust sponsors 1000 school students and 150 college students studying in various institutions in Bangalore. AALIM hopes to reach out to more children of the poor sector by creating opportunities and better facilities by supporting other schools, colleges, and technical institutes. AALIM further intends to adopt Government run schools and improve their infrastructure.


This trust is a major success story. The Lifeline Micro Credit Foundation Trust is active in financial helping only extremely destitute women entrepreneurs irrespective of caste, creed and religion engaged in small scale businesses like selling flowers, fruits, pickles, dress materials, arts and crafts etc. In a country where thousands of farmers are committing suicide because of 32% interest rate, Life Line Micro Credit Foundation Trust is helping more than 6000 women by providing them money which is interest and collateral free. It is currently providing monetary assistance to 16 slums and by the grace of Almighty Allah it has a recovery rate of 100% which we consider a major accomplishment.

The Lifeline Micro Credit Foundation Trust functions in slum areas namely; Gori Palya, Bismillah Nagar, Rajendra Nagar, Tannery Road etc.


Danish Educational Trust was set up by a group of concerned activists in the field of education in March 2006 in Bangalore. It was mainly set up with the aim of identifying talented youth. The trust’s vision is to “To build future leaders of the nation.” It intends to help poor meritorious and economically backward students become professionals – like engineers, doctors, lawyers, journalists, architects, software engineers, software engineers, pilots, scientist and civil servants. In the last 5 years, we have created 500 professionals who are successfully earning a decent living for themselves.